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Steffani has had two singles released to date; 'Double Dare' (produced by Adrian Scarlett - Hit Factory Records - ©2010) and 'Heaven' (produced by Courick Clarke - HeartCour Productions - ©2011).

Though not officially released, 'Truth Is' (produced by Adrian Scarlett) was recorded and performed along with other great hits.

Presently, Seven is compiling songs for her debut album with international producer & musician; Nigel Asher. The reggae alum is a fusion of Reggae and other genres of music some of which are the foundation of Jamaican roots including Ska, Rock Steady and Drum & Bass. Also, the album is infused with splashes of rock, jazz and afro styles.

Other talented musicians and producers will be featured and highlighted such as Rudy Valentino, Kastick, Jonny Amoako, Granville Thomas, Jonas Mo and many more.

Her upcoming electrifying single, 'Jah Jah Knows', is scheduled to be released March 2017. In addition, Seven's highly anticipated album is scheduled to be released in the very near future.